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The answer to 0% commission on your sales!

So you have a successful business, but paying too much in commission, right!

Just-Eat, Deliveroo, Uber Eats and all the other APP food business out there are good for one thing, bringing you new customers right?

But what about the 20% of your customers that are responsible for 80% of your margin! – yes the regular customers, the ones who keep coming back, or then ones that find your business organically through your website, through your social media or through word of mouth – if you had 3 thousands hits to your website every month and you offered those customers one route to ordering by downloading your APP you would save between 15% and 30% of each order. Impressive right!

For example, if you did 100 orders per month through your own APP with an average £20 order you would save over £200

100 x £20 = £2000 standard platform commission @15% = £300.
100 x £20 = £2000 Hungrychops maximum fixed fee is £89 so that would save you £211 per month on just 100 orders!

It’s easier than you think?

It’s not as hard or as expensive as you think to have your own APP live on Google Play and Apple APP Store through our unique turnkey solution, your APP is branded to you and is a standalone APP – you will also feature on our Hungrychops APP when it goes live in the next few months.

It’s easy to access all your data and modify your menu, opening times, payment details etc at anytime through our Merchant interface.

All your orders will come through a dedicated merchant APP which you can put on your phone, iPad or Android terminal in the restaurant, kitchen, takeout area wherever you want and you can have it on as many devices as you wish.

This revolutionary product has been built in house by our team and we provide full support.

How our APP works for the customer

Download the APP

Your customers download your APP from Google Play and Apple APP Store and simply order their items.

You receive the order

You receive the order via a dedicated Merchant APP, printer or email. Prepare the order and send it out.


Its as simple as that, deliver the food to your customer and your paid instantly in your bank no waiting.

Full payment integration, you can choose which payments to accept including pay on delivery. When integrating card payments the money for each order is transferred to your bank account you don’t have to withdraw this or wait for Hungrychops to pay you this money like other platforms.

How our system works for restaurants?

Login to your interface

Login into your Merchant interface and add all aspects of your menu, options, prices etc and you can modify this at anytime in the future.

Set your options

Set your delivery options, dates, times, collection, delivery radius etc and again you can change these options at any time in the future.

Start receiving orders

Your given our exclusive Merchant APP where all your orders are received. See full order and customer data.

You have access to all your customers data and you have full access to reports. You can change any option in the future at any time by logging in to your merchant account. You can receive the orders via SMS, email or through our dedicated merchant APP (recommend) You can update the status of each order like accept, decline out for delivery etc from your merchant APP which also updates the customer through their APP via push notifications.

Are you ready to save £'s

Contact us today or take a look at our FAQ below.


Who are Hungrychops?

Hungrychops is brought to you from Bridgecode who have developed this platform in-house specifically for restaurateurs and take-away owners.

How do we get paid?

This all depends on you, you can offer COD, Paypal, Credit Card etc and whichever method the payment for each order is directly made to you. You send us your Paypal account or bank details for credit card transactions and that’s it. You pay us monthly via DD for our fee

Are there any other fees or charges?

The only other fees you will pay is the standard processing fees from your chosen credit card supplier or Paypal fees. We recommend Stripe for all card transactions as these are the cheapest which is set a standard 1.4% +20p per transaction. Find out more here.. There are no other charges and the minimum contract term is 3 months.

How do I edit my menu, hours or closing dates?

Very simple, you are given access to the Hungrychops Merchant Interface, simply log in and make any changes or updates you wish at any time.

How do we receive our orders?

You are given access to a Merchant APP. Simply log in with your details and all your orders will come straight through to this APP. We can also set up SMS, email notifications and many more. You can accept, decline and update all orders via the Merchant APP.

Are there any contracts?

Our contract is very simple. It is monthly rolling Direct Debit. We waive the cost of building and publishing your APP as long as you stay with us for 12 months or more. In the unlikely event that you choose to leave us within 12 months we require 1 months notice and we reserve the right to charge the building and publishing cost of your APP which is currently £295.

Take a look at our demo.

We have a working demo APP on the APP store just download Hungrychops this will show you exactly what your APP will look like. We can provide you with a full demo of Merchant admin panel and Merchant APP just contact us and we will set this up for you.

Pricing Plans

With all our plans you know exactly what you will pay every month and nothing more. There are 0% commission charges on all your sales.

single outlet

Suitable for single outlets and includes all the features. Includes your own custom built APP plus access to the merchant APP.

If you require a printer this is charged separately.
0% commission on all sales.
£69 per month

multiple outlets

We charge a little extra for additional outlets, but you can have as many outlets as you require. Includes your own custom built APP Plus access to the merchant APP.

If you require a printer this is charged separately.
0% commission on all sales.
£89 per month


Get our resller package, your own branded solution no mention of Hungrychops all APPS and back-end will be set in your name. This is a true turnkey franchise.

You set the prices and your profit.
£1995 setup fee. Includes website, portal and CRM suite.
£399 per month

The Hungrychops APP

We will be launching a brand new linked APP which will include all our clients, this is beneficial for clients who want to offer their customers to order via the web instead of an APP. This will be live early 2019.

Our platform

“We have built a food ordering platform that eliminates the commission fees imposed on our clients from the likes of Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber eats. We haven’t designed a system to remove these services, just one that our clients can share with their customers enabling them to save hundreds of pounds every month. Our platform is fast and efficient and we will continue to develop and improve the options available.”

Let’s get you on the APP store and save your hundreds of £’s every month!

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